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A Crusade to Simplify Measurement

Working in Research for more than 25 years, I've seen there are many approaches to analytics. From Radio to Television and into Digital, ultimately, we're all trying to measure the same thing, an audience. How many? How frequently are they there? What is their profile? No matter which way you slice it, we're generally seeking out the same insights regardless of the source or platform.

So when did analytics become so complicated? Gone are the days when a single source measurement capability could be installed to capture all we need to know about our audience. Today, we're installing SDKs, making sure we're not cascading SIDs, and refining and re-calibrating our measurement capabilities.

The inspiration to launch Quark Insights came from working with a number of different measurement capabilities over a 20+ career in media research. What I've learned over these years is that measurement isn't rocket science, and it's something that should be easily accessible to fuel decisions and strategies. Here's to making measurement a snap, whether it's in the back-end wiring, or through simple turn-key reporting!

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