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A Few of My Favorite Things …

The holidays are a great time to reflect on what's transpired over the course of the last year. In the spirit of giving during this holiday season, I’m sharing a few of the digital insights resources I've found particularly helpful. And good news - many are free! Hope this can bring some joy and make your insights more data-licious this season!

Lisa's Top 10 Favorite Resources:

  1. Digital Analytics Association [] – If you work in Digital and aren’t a member, join now! The association is a great center for information and connection with other analytics professionals, not to mention the incredible resources available to members.

  2. Digital Analytics Power Hour Podcast [] – Web analytics gurus Tim Wilson (Analytics Demystified) and Michael Helbling (Dir. Analytics Search Discovery) discuss hot topics in digital analytics. Fun banter while imparting really useful information.

  3. Stever Robbins Get it Done Guy Podcast [Available on iTunes] - A must listen for anyone efficiency minded, looking to work less and do more!

  4. FiveThirtyEight Newsletter [] – Interesting daily dose of the most significant digits for the day. A quick read, and an “oh wow” moment in each line.

  5. Skillshare [] – Online classes for every flavor you can imagine. Over 13K classes available, you can get a free sampling to whet your appetite. Great stuff in the Technology area.

  6. GA Online Certification [] – Looking to impress your friends and colleagues with your vast knowledge of Google Analytics? Put your knowledge to the test through GA’s Online Certification program, it’s free. Prep and tests are available to study before committing yourself to the two-hour test.

  7. Dartistics [] - Digital Analytics: R and staTISTICS, the new hot topic in Digital Analytics. Learn more about R and how it can empower your analytics insights.

  8. NCTA Industry Data [] – Fantastic repository of data snacks on the cable industry. Find topics like ‘Top Ten Video Subscription Services’ and other great data points like this at the NCTA.

  9. Adobe Quarterly Video Benchmark Report [] – Keep tabs on what’s happening in the OTT/TV Everyworld world in this quarterly report. Bookmark it to see the latest insights on TV Everywhere growth and trends.

  10. Freewheel Video Monetization Report [] – Released on a quarterly basis, the Video Monetization report is a great way to keep your ​​finger on the pulse of what’s happening with consumer behavior and advertising trends on Digital. Bookmark it!

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