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An Internet Minute ...

​Information abounds regarding how much time and mindshare we're attributing to digital content sources and activities. An infographic was recently posted iterating the reality of how much activity occurs in a single minute of time on the Internet - and it's literally mind boggling how much content we collectively consume or push out in that mere 60 seconds.​

And in considering our own backyard, video consumption, streaming has taken its place as a mainstream consumer behaviors. ​A recent study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers found that Netflix is now on par with cable TV. Nearly three-quarters​ (73%) of respondents pay for linear TV (cable), down from 76 percent a year ago and 79 percent in 2015. Conversely, 73% of respondents reported having a Netflix subscription. Take into account that Netflix accomplished this feat as a streaming service in the span of 10 years.​

This is only a few years following the revelation that time-shifted viewing outpaced live TV viewing behaviors according to Nielsen. Television viewing continues to experience dynamic change from its origins 50 years ago. And the pace of change will only continue to accelerate as technologies refine and new viewing behaviors emerge. Prior to Netflix' introduction of a streaming service 10 years ago, were we talking about binge viewing or racing? New models are changing the way consumers interact with video content, and consequently the way advertisers capture viewer attention. There's nothing more ​​constant than change - we live in "interesting times" which will only pick up speed in 2018!

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