A Fresh Start for the 2019 Election

August 8, 2019

Coming into the 2019 Election season, the League of Women Voters in Pompton Lakes, NJ was seeking a new look for its website.  Their existing content was simply a single page, functioning as a place holder on the web for the organization.  The League of Women Voters wanted to create a web destination that better represented their mission and core values.


Quark stepped in to help focus the group's web content  on the group's core values - educating and providing resources to empower voters to make better informed decisions.  Utilizing their existing resources in Wordpress, Quark crafted a new website that better reflected how the League of Women Voters of Pompton Lakes wanted to represent themselves to the community.  The new site has a clean and simple layout, consistent navigation, clear messaging and organization of resources, and the site remains on the browser while users are accessing links to resources outside of the League's main website.  


The new site also affords the League of Women Voters in Pompton Lakes, an evergreen presence, that requires minimal updating, and calls out features and events more readily.  Quark is happy to empower the League of Women Voters of Pompton Lakes with a concise and engaging presence for itself on the Internet, as they prepare to focus on their initiatives to empower and educate citizens going into the 2019 Election season!









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