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The Sense & Sensibility Behind Multi-Platform Measurement

There are many things in the world considered "common sense". When put into print, it's easy to stand back and think, "of course, that makes sense". In the world of multi-platform measurement, I'm putting out to the world a simple framework of such common sense. In working through several implementations of multi-platform measurement, it occurred to me, there was no pathway to follow, and there were several points along these journeys that, in retrospect, made sense, but if only I had the knowledge and sequence of those things in my project plan....

In my own journey to make multi-platform measurement, less complicated (and relieve some agony!), I'm sharing my knowledge and recommendations with the industry at large. For many out there, this won't be any earth shattering revelations, however, I'm blazing a trail that will hopefully serve to make planning for measurement a bit easier, more sensible, and hopefully make the users of this information "heroes" within their organizations! You can download the PDF of my paper today on the "Who is Behind Quark Insights" page of my site.

And if you're looking for some help in developing a measurement plan of your own to save time, money and create efficiencies, then I'm just an email away at!

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