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Scripted & Original is all the Rage

Working at television networks the vast majority of my career, I have to say we are in the a golden age of television that surpasses the original "golden age" years ago. I'd venture to say we've gone "platinum". I picked up a stat shared on twitter this week that 342 scripted shows have come to air this year. Why is this significant? Because at this time last year, according to the source, there were 325, so a nice 5% increase yr/yr.

​It makes me reflect back to one of my latest "favorite" charts coming from FX Network that shows the trend in scripted original series tracked from 2002 forward. Thinking about the beginning of this century, when we primarily had original series coming from linear. Take a moment to look at the growth in original series coming from online services. Pretty astounding. (moment of silence to look at chart in awe)

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